Questions & Answers

C4S has received many questions regarding how it operates.  i.e. Schools, Department of Social Services, and other nonprofit organizations that provide to at-risk and poor children.

Q.  Who will deliver computers to students individually?

A.  No. Each student will pick up his/her computer from Our Partner Service Source who will give you a complete computer system:  Monitor, computer, keyboard, and al l necessary cables.  Maker certain computer is operating prior to departing the store.  Should the computer fail within 30days – return the computer to Service Store.

Q.  Will you participate in large giveaway programs at holidays?

A.  No.  We work closely with schools and other organizations to make certain that computer go to the student who needs one.  While this is a charitable effort, our goal to impact every facet of a student’s life.  Give them hope that they can achieve and hold their heads high and fully participate in all school classes.

Q.  Do you require evidence that the students receiving the computer are needy?

A.  YES.  By working with schools teachers, social workers and organizational directors who qualify the students, we are confident that the students who they indicate need the computers, that these are families who cannot provide them one.

Q.  Do you offer laptops?

A.  YES.  At this time on a limited basis.

Q.  Do C4S want to know who receives the computers?

Q.  Will you deliver computers?

A.  Should a church or community based organization order ten or more computers that will be delivered the same location.

Q.  Will C4S donate computers outside the Metropolitan Area?

A.  We are now donating computers nationwide.  To negotiate delivery to your site, call C4S at

Q.  Will C4S share how it was formed and does it have an IRS nonprofit status?

A.  Yes this information is available for public viewing at our office along with our approved
 501 © (3) status.

Q.  Will C4S computers meet the needs of the students?

A.  Each computer is named brand computer:  HP, IBM or Dell and is ready for the network and loaded with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office Applications.  (Computers can be upgraded).

Q. How many computers do we have on hand?

A.  At any given time, we may have 100 – 500 computers.  The inventory increases depending on the generosity of the donors.

Q.  Do we provide printers?

A.  No.  However From time to time we  have some  laser printers available

Q  Do we take used computers?

A.  Yes.  DONATIONS OF USED COMPUTERS ARE THE LIFELINE OF C4S.  However, we only accept P-4 named brand computers.  Students must have a good computer to match the school system’s computers.  C4S will arrange pick up of six or more computers.  Donating five or less, please take them to Service Source where you will be given a donation receipt for IRS Tax deduction.